1. Drive Safely on Halloween Weekend in the Lehigh Valley

    While this year may be a bit different than those in the past, many municipalities are still holding trick-or-treat activities this weekend throughout the Lehigh Valley. Here are just a few simple tips or reminders to keep yourself and others safe during this time. Be on the lookout: Simply pay more attention on Halloween weekend as compared to others. If you start your drive knowing to be looking…Read More

  2. LockPickingLawyer Takes Down Honeywell Safe in Seconds (VIDEO)

      We like to check in with one of our favorite YouTubers, LockPickingLaywer, whenever we can. Whether or not you enjoy lockpicking as much as we do, you can appreciate this account's fantastic insight at consumer grade lockas (and how many of them aren't worth the money.) Take a look at one of his latest videos!  …Read More

  3. Thank You For Your Locksmith Reviews, Lehigh Valley!

    Every month, we take time to thank our customers who took their time to leave postive reviews for us on social media. We can't stress how helpful this is in connecting us with new customers who we can help in a lockout situation. Thank you and keep our number in your phone (484) 240-5526 for 14/7 Emergency service throughout the Lehigh Valley.…Read More

  4. Christkindlmarkt Starts Early this Year in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

    Things aren't quite normal in 2020 and that is evidence by the shake up in events throughout the year. While we may be expecting Oktoberfests popping up throughout the area around this time of year, Bethlehem's famous holiday shopping festival, Christkindlmarkt, is already open and has a new look! If you've visited Christkindlmarkt in the past, you'll notice that this year will feature an open air…Read More

  5. Night Driving in the Lehigh Valley Tips

    With sunset getting earlier and earlier during the fall and winter months, we wanted to brush off a few night driving tips to help you keep safe in the dark hours. Dim your interior lights: Having dash lights set up to 10 can be distracting. Dim those things down and focus on the road. Don't stare at bright lights: Oncoming lights can easily take your eyes off the road, especially those super brig…Read More