1. Five Lehigh Valley Winter Driving Rules

    If you live in the Lehigh Valley, you already know that snowy and icy roads are simply a part of the winter season. So, what are the best rules of driving in the snow in the Lehigh Valley? Let's take a look. 1. Learn to do donuts in a parking lot This is the time of year where many teenagers get to learn how to drive by heading out with their dad, mom, older brother, older sister, or friend by tak…Read More

  2. How to Avoid a Locksmith Scam in the Lehigh Valley

    The need for a locksmith can be an unwelcome and/or irritating situation. From locking yourself out of your car, losing the keys to your office building, or simply changing the locks to your new home, the moments that it takes to call a locksmith can be stressful enough as it is, and can be done in a time of panic, worry, or stress. But when that time arises, there are some people who will try to …Read More

  3. Take a Deeper Look at the 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Website

    We're more than happy that many people have our phone number, (484) 891-1922, in their phones in case they need it. We're also honored to be the first choice for many people locked out of their home or car in the Lehigh Valley. Our dedication to our customers literally extends 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, just as our name states. Our services, and website, go a bit beyond our standard lock o…Read More

  4. Thank You For Your 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Reviews

    We always want to take the time to thank our customers who take their time to review us on Google or Facebook. We appreciate your reviews and are sure to read through each and every one that comes in. Trust us when we say that there is nothing more satisfying than doing our job and knowing that you're happy, safe, and on your way. Reviews are not only a great way for us to make sure that we're con…Read More

  5. Lost Your Keys? 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Can Help in the Lehigh Valley

    Losing your car keys, in simple terms, isn't fun. It can actually be more frustrating than locking your keys in your car because in that situation at least you know where they are. Don't worry, though. If you've lost your keys in the Lehigh Valley area, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help you out in a pinch. Our experienced locksmith will come to you, cut you new car keys, and program them, expediti…Read More

  6. How to Prep You Car for Long Term Storage

    There are a variety of reasons you may need to prep your car (or a car) for long term storage. Perhaps you're going away for an extended period of time or your college age child is off to school for a semester and they won't be using it. Whatever the reason, there are a few tips you can follow to make sure your car is safe during a longer than usual period of no use. Firstly, let's be sure that yo…Read More

  7. Happy New Year, Lehigh Valley! From 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

    Happy New Year to all of our customers and members of the communities that make up the Lehigh Valley. We're proud to serve Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and other area communities. It's going to be a cold New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Please be sure to save our number in case you find yourself in a situation where we can help you out quickly! (484) 891-1922 See you in 2018.…Read More

  8. Tips for Driving Safely During the Holidays

    The holiday season is one of the most exciting of the year, but it's also one of the most dangerous to drive during. With more people on the road than most other times of the year, the chance for accidents and hazards is high. Here are a few tips that can help you when you're on your way to grandma's house for Christmas dinner! 1. Get a good night's sleep: It may seem like a simple thing to do, bu…Read More

  9. The 10 Most Stolen Cars in the United States in 2017

    Thankfully, car theft has been on a downward trend since the 1990s due to anti-theft technology, but there are still cars stolen every day. Here is a list of the most stolen cars in the United States. Of course, if you own one that doesn't mean that you're going to get your car stolen tomorrow, but it does mean that you may want to take a few more steps to ensure your car is safe from thieves. Tak…Read More

  10. Thank You For Your Reviews of 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

    Our main goal at 24/7 Emergency Locksmith is to quickly and safely help you with your lock out needs. Each call is another chance to serve our customers with 100 percent professionalism. That being said, we're extremely grateful for all reviews we receive, especially the great ones! Thank you again. Some of our favorites are below. Please visit us on Facebook to read more reviews or leave your own…Read More