1. Prevent Keyless Car Theft in the Lehigh Valley with a Microwave?

    More and more people open their cars with a key fob via keyless lock entry. It's almost second nature at this point. Think about it, when is the last time you've physically opened your car door with a car key? For some, it may still be the way that they do get into their vehicles, however, for many it's a thing of the past. And while that ease of use makes your life a bit less hectic, it has also …Read More

  2. What to do if You Lost Your Key Fob in the Lehigh Valley

    It used to be that losing your wallet or your keys was the worst possible thing that could happen to you. Now that most cars have key fobs that act as keys, it can sometimes be even worse to lose your key fob when you’re out and about. Thankfully, if you’ve lost your key fob in the Lehigh Valley, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith will travel to cut you a new one on site. So, if you find yourself in a m…Read More