1. Thank You For Your Google Reviews, Lehigh Valley!

    We often take time to thank our customers for reviewing us on Google or Facebook or any other place you could review us. We understand that these reviews help us find more customers, so a "thank you" is the least we can do!…Read More

  2. Unique Smart Lock Features

    If you have ever looked into updating the locks in your home or business, you might have noticed the phrase “smart lock” popping up in your online search results. While some features are obvious, there are other features on certain locks that you might not know about. Here are a few neat features that a smart lock can have you might not know! Biometrics: Like in a spy film, but less laser-y, t…Read More

  3. Hilarious Gas Station Bathroom Keys

    When it comes to the public using your facilities, sometimes you have to go through some extreme measures to make sure the keys to these spots remain in your possession after the person is done. One notorious type of this would be the extremely funny ways that a gas station bathroom key is adorned. These keys have been known to be accessorized with some pretty ridiculous items to assure that the b…Read More

  4. Some Fun Keychains That Add Some Color to Your Life

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  5. Locks of the Future: Bluetooth Padlocks

    If you need a padlock for a number of different reasons, some of the drawbacks to these little devices are the ways in which you gain entry. While a key or rotating combination might not be the biggest problem, it can be a minor inconvenience in some situations. What if you don’t want to share the only other backup key you have? What if you don’t want to share the combination out with too many…Read More