1. A Few Fun Locks on eBay

    Believe it or not, we don't mind looking at locks and learning more about them even though we deal with them throughout the work day. Locks are fascinating to locksmiths and it's always fun to share a little bit of what we find interesting with you. We recently came across a treasure trove of fun old lock items on eBay that we'd like to share. Of course, we don't endorse these items or suggest you…Read More

  2. Child Lock Options

    When it comes to the safety of your children, nothing is more important. While your home should be secured from the outside for your protection, extra precautions must be taken when your little ones within your home as well. Here are a few different types of child locks that you might not have known about. Sliding Cabinet Locks The classic slide lock is used to hold a cabinet shut. Tried and true,…Read More

  3. Look for the 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Van in the Lehigh Valley

    As soon as you call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, we'll be on the road to you to get you out of a jam in a hurry. Once you see one of our vans, you'll know that help is only a few short moments away. Take a look at some of our favorite photos of our 24/7 Emergency Locksmith vans and look for them throughout the Lehigh Valley!…Read More

  4. Parking Lot Safety in the Lehigh Valley

    Our first priority is safety. That goes for all of our team members. We want to get you out of a lockout situation, but we want to do it as safely as possible. We also want our customers to be safe in situations where lockouts can occur, like in parking lots. Here are a few tips to keep you safe! Always note where you parked. Avoid parking near shrubbery or the side of vans that has the slide open…Read More

  5. Watch the 24/7 Emergency Lock Canine Unit in Action

    The 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Canine Unit is always looking to improve their abilities. Take a look at one of our team members in action! Click the pic above to watch on Facebook.  …Read More

  6. Thank You, Lehigh Valley, for These Reviews!

    Every month, we try to take some time and thank every single person who gave us a review! We understand that your time is important, which makes these reviews mean even more to us. Don't take our word for it! If you need help in a lockout situation in the Lehigh Valley, trust those we have helped recently in your neighborhoods. Please leave us a review!…Read More

  7. A Look at a Few Locksmith Tools (VIDEO)

    If you've ever seen our 24/7 Emergency Locksmith vans out and about in the Lehigh Valley, you'll notice that we carry a wide variety of equipment that allows us to safely, securely, and swiftly get you out of a lockout situation. Stay tuned for a tour of one of our vans! In the meantime, watch this video on some of the tools of the trade. There are many more, but this is a good primer! Click the l…Read More

  8. Call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith If You Lock Your Keys In Your Car in the Lehigh Valley

    If you lock your keys in your car or home in the Lehigh Valley, call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith at (484) 891-1922, We use special low impact tools to gain access to locked vehicles without damaging the paint, or rubber insulation around the door frame.  The last thing you want is to hire a locksmith, and 2 miles or 2 days later discover they used inferior tools and techniques which damaged your veh…Read More

  9. Signs It’s Time to Service Your Locks

    When you need a locksmith, we are there for you 24/7… but we are for much more than just emergencies. Sometimes you just need a professional’s opinion if something seems off with the security of your home, business, or vehicle. But what should you be looking for to know your locks should be serviced? The things to look for are surprisingly simple. Are they just not working like they used to? D…Read More

  10. Does the Weather Have an Effect on Your Locks?

    The changing of the seasons means there are a variety of things to do including yard work, gutter cleaning, and even a change of seasonal decorations… but the change also means weather that can affect your locks. But how? During the spring and summer, the additional humidity can cause the wood of doors and windows to swell making locks and deadbolts stick. On the other hand, during fall and wint…Read More