1. Get to Know the Pagoda in Reading, PA

    Our travels take us all over the Lehigh Valley and beyond. This recent shot was one we wanted to share not only because it looks cool but also because it's fun to learn about some of the more interesting spots in the land we live in. The Pagoda in Reading, Pennslyvania was built in 1908 initially to be part of a luxury resort! Today, the Pagoda is owned by the City of Reading but is managed and pr…Read More

  2. Tools of the Locksmith Trade

    You probably don’t think too much about what’s in your locksmith’s bag when you call him or her to help you get out of a sticky situation. You’re just happy they are there! We’re going to take a little bit of a look into what a locksmith carries around with them. Super Mica Bypass Shims: Have you ever tried to unlock a door with a credit card? This is kind of like that, but way more prof…Read More

  3. Get Your Home Ready for Fall, Lehigh Valley!

    The change of the seasons is always a good time to take stock in your car, finances, and house! For today, let’s take a look at a few home items you can easily get through on a nice fall weekend. CHECK FIRE EXTINGUISHERS These often go overlooked, but are either easy to confirm are still in working order or easy to replace. Make sure everyone in your home knows where they are located. CHECK YOUR…Read More

  4. Pumpkin Patches in the Lehigh Valley

    When we're not helping residents of the Lehigh Valley with lockout situations, we love to visit some of what the Lehigh Valley has to offer, including pumpkin patches, orchards, and farms during the fall!   Below are some of our favorites within the Lehigh Valley where you can enjoy apple picking, pumpkin picking, petting zoos, hay rides, and much more! Bear Rock Junction Beginning September 13, …Read More

  5. Top Ten Most Stolen Cars in America 2020

    Want to know if you're driving a car that thieves want? We have the list of the 10 Most Stolen Cars in America courtesy of Insurify.com 10. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee Number of thefts: 9,818 Model year most stolen: 2000 (646 thefts) Thefts per 1,000: 3 9. Dodge Pickup (full size) Number of thefts: 11,226 Model year most stolen: 2001 (1,155 thefts) Thefts per 1,000: 3 8. GMC Pickup (Full size) Nu…Read More

  6. Happy Labor Day, Lehigh Valley!

      Have a safe and happy Labor Day from all of us at 24/7 Emergency Locksmith. If you find yourself in a lockout situation, causing you some serious BBQ missing time, we can be there in a snap! CALL US: (484) 240-5526 | 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE…Read More

  7. School is Back, Drive Safely in the Lehigh Valley!

    Just your friendly reminder that while many things in our daily lives may be in a bit of a flux, to say the least, due to the current worldwide pandemic, it's back to school time again. This means that you should start to take extra precautions as school buses and increased traffic due to students being back. While many schools have opted for alternative scheduling, assume that every day will be a…Read More


    Changing your locks isn't something people consider all of the time. However, there are some instances where it's a good idea to give 24/7 Emergency Locksmith a call for more information on this service. Here are three times it's a good idea to change the locks on your home. You Just Bought a Previously Lived-in Home: We all want to trust people and we all want to give the benefit of the doubt, b…Read More

  9. Avoid Locksmith Scams in the Lehigh Valley

    The need for a locksmith can be an unwelcome and/or irritating situation. From locking yourself out of your car, losing the keys to your office building, or simply changing the locks to your new home, the moments that it takes to call a locksmith can be stressful enough as it is, and can be done in a time of panic, worry, or stress. But when that time arises, there are some people who will try to …Read More

  10. Heavyweight Motorcycle Lock: Oxford “Monster XL” Picked by LockPickingLaywer (VIDEO)

    If you're familiar with our blog, you'll know that we like to feature videos from time to time and many of them are from the YouTube user "LockPickingLawyer." Simply put, he's fantastic at what he does and how he explains the process and sheds light on some products that you may want to steer clear of if you're looking to secure your valuables. In this video, he tackles an absolute beast of a lock…Read More