Getting new locks installed on your door is a common service, but there are certain situations when new locks are more necessary than others. If you are simply looking to get your locks changed so that you can have new keys for your home, rekeying may be a better solution.

Having new locks installed can be the right choice in many situations. 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help you get new locks on your Bethlehem home if:

Your Locks Are Old

If you have recently moved into an older home or have lived in your home for a while and the locks are old, rusted, and damaged, new locks are needed. Locks are not meant to last forever, and even with proper lock maintenance they will fail eventually. This is one situation where new locks will be necessary.

You Want More Security

Increasing the security of your home can become important at different times, whether you welcomed a baby into the family, have had problems in the neighborhood lately, or just want to feel safer in your own home. Replacing your old locks for new ones can give you the ability to add more security to your home, allowing you to feel safer.

Different Brand, Different Keys

If your home has locks that are different brands, it is likely that you have different keys for each lock. If you want to get all of your locks on the same key, a rekeying won’t work. Your locks need to be the same brand before a rekeying can take place, so replacing one of your locks with a lock that is the same brand is the first step to getting one key for all of your locks.

These are a few of the main reasons why replacing your locks can be important. If you’re not sure if you need new locks or a simple rekeying, contact 24/7 Emergency Locksmith. We can help you determine your lock needs and get it taken care of in no time.