1. Some Fun Keychains That Add Some Color to Your Life

    When we want to add a little color to our keys, we also need to keep in mind that the weight of our keys can have some damaging effects on the ignitions of our vehicles. But a keychain is a convenient way to not only identify your keys and add a little personality, but a bright colored accessory can help you spot them if they happen to be missing. Here are five fun and lightweight keychains on Ama…Read More

  2. Locks of the Future: Bluetooth Padlocks

    If you need a padlock for a number of different reasons, some of the drawbacks to these little devices are the ways in which you gain entry. While a key or rotating combination might not be the biggest problem, it can be a minor inconvenience in some situations. What if you don’t want to share the only other backup key you have? What if you don’t want to share the combination out with too many…Read More

  3. Residential Lock Services in the Lehigh Valley

    When something happens to a lock in your home, your sense of security can truly suffer. Whether it’s a broken lock, a malfunctioning keypad, or a variety of other security mishaps, we’re here to help when the safety of your home is compromised. Here’s what we offer to make your home secure! LOCK INSTALL Having new locks installed is a good way to feel safe when you’ve purchased a new home,…Read More

  4. What is Rekeying?

    If you have looked into changing the locks of your home for whatever reason, you may have noticed the term “rekey.” But what does it mean to rekey a lock? When a lock is rekeyed, the pins and springs inside are replaced, and a new key is used. The existing exterior housing however, remains the same. So why do this? The main reason most people choose this service is to gain control of who has a…Read More

  5. Five MORE Lock Fails

    Locks can sometimes be a complicated problem, so thank goodness there are certified professionals out there to help you out all sorts of problems that may arise. (Hint-hint!!) Here are some funny lock fails that definitely need some assistance from a locksmith. It’s one thing to lock your keys in your car… but this one takes the cake! How hilariously embarrassing! Yikes. While this might be in…Read More

  6. Five Terrible Places to Hide a Key

    While it’s a good step to hide your key in your yard in case of a lock-out, it’s important to choose that spot carefully and discreetly. While there are many good and unique places there are also some pretty awful places we suggest you do NOT hide your key. Here are five pretty awful spots to avoid. That obviously fake rock from the dollar store: That fake rock isn’t fooling anyone. In fact,…Read More

  7. Locksmith-spiration: Harry Houdini

    While locksmithing might seem like a pretty straightforward profession, an incredibly famous locksmith was none other than the famous magician and illusionist Harry Houdini! Houdini was known for some seriously death defying tricks that have made him a household name to this day, even though he died almost 100 years ago. But was he an actual locksmith, or was it all smoke and mirrors? While many o…Read More

  8. Residential Lock Services in the Lehigh Valley

    We aren't only about emergency car or home lockouts, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith is a full service locksmith that can assist you in gaining home security. Here are some of what we offer. RESIDENTIAL LOCK SERVICES The lock on your home is what helps you feel safe and keeps your home secure. But when those locks fail, you can lose all sense of security. Luckily, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help out in…Read More

  9. Thank you for your May Reviews, Lehigh Valley

    24/7 Emergency Locksmith takes customer satisfaction almost as seriously as safety. We want to make sure that every single customer has a good experience with us. That is why we appreciate your reviews on Google, Facebook, and other sites. They help us reach more people who need a reliable, safe, and fast locksmith in the Lehigh Valley area. Remember, if you're in a lockout situation or simply wan…Read More

  10. Ways to Secure Your Dorm Room

    With many students just now enjoying the beginning of summer, there is still the excitement of starting classes in a few months. Perhaps this will even be your first time away from home in your brand new dorm room! While it’s exciting to think about your new friends, decor, and independence… it’s also an important time to think about safety and security. Here are a few things you should thin…Read More