Getting locked out of your car can bring on anxiety fast. Like, really fast. Depending on where you are and what you've locked inside, you might be in a downright panic. Thankfully, we have a few suggestions if you find yourself in this frantic situation. 1. KEEP OUR PHONE NUMBER HAND Be sure to add 24/7 Emergency Locksmith’s number, (484) 891-1922, into your phone as a contact. This will make i…Read More

  2. How To Keep Your Car Cool in the Heat

    The summer heat of the Lehigh Valley can make for some fun times on the Lehigh and Delaware rivers if your'e into tubing or kayaking, but not so much for the temperature of the inside of your car. Here are a few ways to keep your car cool in the hottest of summer heat. Use a sunshade and dash cover: Your first line of defense against the sun is a sunshade/window visor. It will keep your car much c…Read More

  3. Shop Local in the Lehigh Valley!

    We are sure you've heard it over the course of the last few months, but with restrictions still in place for many businesses, it's more important now than ever to support your local businesses. You can do that via purchasing gift cards, ordering food to go, visiting a shop in person safely, and spreading the word. Take a look at the Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce's website if you're interested …Read More

  4. Thank You For Your Locksmith Reviews, Lehigh Valley

    Each month, we take a minute to thank everyone who left us a rating on Google, Facebook, or other platforms. We know that leaving an online review is not the first thing on anyone's mind after getting out of a lockout situation. So, we appreciate you taking your time to do so! Your reviews help us help more people. Thank you, Lehigh Valley…Read More

  5. Times You Should Think About Replacing Your Door Locks in the Lehigh Valley

    We all have a pretty good idea of when it’s time to change our oil or even replace our running shoes, but when is it a good time to replace our door locks? Here are a few simple situations when it’s probably a good time to give 24/7 Emergency Locksmith a call at (484) 891-1922 to talk more with us about replacing your door locks. SOMEONE MOVED OUT Whether or not it’s a good friend, the best …Read More

  6. Tips to Stay Safe in the Heat, Lehigh Valley!

    Stay safe in the heat with these tips below. Take the heat seriously! If you find yourself in a lockout situation, please reach out to us at (484) 240-5526! ☀️ Find air conditioning. ☀️ Avoid strenuous activities. ☀️ Wear light clothing. ☀️ Check on family members and neighbors. ☀️ Drink plenty of fluids. ☀️ Watch for heat cramps ☀️ Watch for heat exhaustion and heat st…Read More

  7. LockPickingLawyer Takes on a 35 Pound Motorcycle Lock (VIDEO)

    One of our favorite YouTubers is back with another fantastic video feat. No matter whether you're into the mechanisms of locks like us or not, LockPickingLawyer's videos are always interesting and we love to share them! We've seen this YouTube account get through some big locks before, but this one is a beast! Watch the video here or click the image above! Be sure to reach out to us if you have an…Read More


    Your home is full of valuable assets. It is the place where you keep your possessions, your money, and your family. Because of this, you want to keep your home safe and secure and the locks on your home are a big part of this. The locks on your home help to keep your family, possessions, and valuables safe, even when you are not there. You may take your locks for granted, they make it easy to lock…Read More

  9. Don’t Leave a Spare Key Outside Your Door

    How many times have you seen someone reach up to the top of the door jamb to find a "hidden" key? Or maybe they think it's tricky to leave it under a flower pot on the front porch? Surely no burglar would look under a rock! We're having a little fun here, but it's true that many people are careless when it comes to hiding keys on their property. If you've though of a place to hide a key, so has a …Read More

  10. Happy Fourth of July from 24/7 Emergency Locksmith

    Have a safe and happy Independence Day Weekend from all of us at 24/7 Emergency Locksmith. If you find yourself in a lockout situation in the Lehigh Valley, don't hesitate to call us call us at (484) 240-5526 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE! Don't wait on the side of the road one minute longer. Don't rely on a friend who may or may not have your key. Call a professional and get out of your situation safely…Read More