1. A Time Before Car Keys

    As you leave the store that you stopped at to pick up a few things after a long day at work, you get to you car only to realize you have locked your car keys inside. They are sitting right there, in the driver’s seat, mocking you with the unlock button glowing in the setting sun. This can truly ruin your day and can be a hassle to deal with, but 24/7 Emergency Locksmith is here to help. We know …Read More

  2. 5 Reasons You’re Forgetting Your Keys

    We'll never forget how to help you out when you do forget where you placed your keys, or even locked them inside your car. If you've ever wondered why people forget things from time to time, well, it's natural. However, there are some more specific reasons that might be of a little interest to you. (more…)…Read More

  3. How Automotive Locksmiths Replace Car Keys, And Cut Them On Site.

    When requesting car or motorcycle key replacement, the most commonly asked question is "what do we need".  You need three things, the exact physical address of the vehicle, a state or federal ID, and a vehicle document which matches that state or federal ID.  We don't request these things to make your key replacement more difficult, but for the speed of your service, and protection of your prope…Read More

  4. Places To Look For Your Car Keys

    Losing car keys is something that we all do, some of us more than others. And we generally misplace them in locations that we often visit in our homes, but in places where keys don’t belong. Like the refrigerator, for instance. Search your entire home, retrace your steps, and if you still can’t find your car keys, give 24/7 Emergency Locksmith a call. We can cut you a new key and have you on y…Read More

  5. Stolen Car Key Help

    Your car keys are an essential part of transportation. Even pus to start cars require the keys to be in the car before it will actually start. In our last blog, we discussed the worst places to lose your car keys. But what if you don’t lose your car keys at all? Imagine your friend comes to visit you from Philadelphia for a weekend of fun. As you sit on the patio of your favorite restaurant, enj…Read More

  6. A Bad Place to Lose Your Car Keys

    Car keys don’t seem like an important item in our lives. They help us start the engine of the object that gets us from point A to point B. But keys never become an important part of the equation, at least not until they go missing. Losing your car keys can put a real damper on your day, cause you to be late to just about everything, and turn into a slight episode of panic. Most of the time, we l…Read More

  7. Car Key Mistakes

    Your boyfriend volunteered for the both of you to help his friend move over the weekend. You arrive at their house and go through your car exit routine—roll up the windows, turn off the car, throw your keys in your purse, and lock the doors from the inside as you get out, since your car key fob has a dead battery. Before slamming your door shut, you realize you don’t need to tote your purse ar…Read More

  8. How to Break Into Your Car After Locking Yourself Out

    You locked yourself out of the car. Now what? There are ways to break into your car and retrieve your keys that are so simple, they even do it in movies, if an actor can break into a car, so can you! Now, you could do the smart thing and call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith, but that doesn’t make as exciting of a story, does it? So let's go back to breaking into your car. First off, make sure it is you…Read More

  9. Car Key Replacements

    There is never a good time to lose your car keys, especially when a week before your toddler flushed your spare down the toilet. So what do you do now? Losing your car keys and having no spare, puts you in a troubling place; you need to drive to work and the store, you have to pick your kids up from school and bring them to soccer practice. Losing your car keys leaves you stranded and in a tough p…Read More

  10. Car Locks and the Cold

    Nothing is worse than locking yourself out of your car, except maybe locking yourself out of your car during a snowstorm. In this case your best option is to call a locksmith. With the right tools and training they can help you get in your car and out of the cold in no time. But what if you don’t actually lock yourself out? What if your car is just too cold to unlock? When the temperature outsid…Read More