1. We’ll Get you Back on the Road (VIDEO)

    24/7 Emergency Locksmith will get you back on the road if you experience a lockout situation in the Lehigh Valley. Call us at 484-891-1922! Click to watch and visit our Facebook page.  …Read More

  2. Thank Your For Your Reviews, Lehigh Valley!

    We appreciate each and ever person who is taking the time to write a review for 24/7 Emergency Locksmith on Google, Facebook, and other location, especially during this uncertain time. One thing that is certain is that 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can be on site to you anywhere in the Lehigh Valley quickly. We'll safely open your home or automobile and get you back on the road. We also offer residenti…Read More

  3. Lock Your Keys In Your Car at Leaser Lake?

      As the weather in the Lehigh Valley approaches it's yearly best, we can't wait to get to some of the myriad local parks to enjoy their beauty. One of our favorites is Leaser Lake located at 8502 Pleasure Court in New Tripoli, PA . This 540 acre park is owned in part by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and in part by Lehigh County. It is named after Frederick Leaser, an American patriot…Read More

  4. Tips for Taking Care of Your Keys

    You don't really care about your keys until you can't find them or can't use them because they are damaged or broken. Here are some tips for taking care of those keys! 1. Up Your Security Car keys are one of the first things that a burglar will target in someone’s house. Do you have a safe place to store them that isn’t inside a basket or on a hook in the front door? It’s a good idea to keep…Read More

  5. 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Gets You Back on the Road (VIDE0)

    We'll get you back on the road and take away the frustration that comes with locking your keys in you car or trunk. No matter what are of the Lehigh Valley you are in, we can be there in minutes and have you back on the road in a few more. Call us at 484-891-1922.  …Read More


    With the warmer weather coming, locking your keys in your trunk is a lot more common than you think. Trust us. So, don't worry, just call us at 484-240-5526. We use special low impact tools to gain access to locked vehicles without damaging the paint, or rubber insulation around the door frame. The last thing you want is to hire a locksmith, and 2 miles or 2 days later discover they used inferior …Read More

  7. RESIDENTIAL LOCK SERVICES in the Lehigh Valley

    The lock on your home is what helps you feel safe and keeps your home secure. But when those locks fail, you can lose all sense of security. Luckily, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith can help out in your time of need. Be sure to contact us if you ever run into an issue with your home’s locks. LOCK INSTALL Having new locks installed on your home is a great idea if you have recently purchased a home, have…Read More

  8. Tips on Fixing a Flat Tire

    Fixing a flat tire may be a simple thing for some and a complicated task for others. And, remember, not everyone had someone to teach them, either! Here are a few tips on fixing a flat tire. We'd always recommend you learn how to do this on a tire that's not flat first (practice, that is!) Be sure you park the car in as safe a place as possible and use hazard lights and flares if necessary. Brace …Read More

  9. Locked Out? Lose Your Keys? Ignition Problems? Call Us

    Our automotive locksmiths can help you when you need it. Getting locked out of your car, losing your car keys, and having ignition problems are all things that could throw off your entire day. You don’t realize how much you rely on your car, until you run into a problem like one of these. But our team is ready to help! We will be there as quickly as possible to get you out of any car key problem…Read More