1. When To Call a Locksmith in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Easton

    No one likes getting locked out of their home or automobile. No one likes losing their keys. No one likes having to change their locks. Thankfully, we like doing all of these things for you. While most people know what a locksmith does, it may not be completely clear when its actually time to call a locksmith, such as 24/7 Emergency Locksmith. Here are a few examples of situations where it is time…Read More

  2. Car Winter Problems

    Winter and the cold weather can have many effects on your car, creating different problems, many of which you may have never expected. These problems are more than just a frosted windshield or doors frozen shut. The cold weather can affect the way your car runs, its tire performance, and other unexpected issues. One problem that we discussed in a previous blog, was how the cold can affect your loc…Read More

  3. How to Find Your Car in a Busy Parking Lot

    Whether you're shopping on Black Friday or leaving the stadium after a football game, we've all had that sinking feeling of not remembering where we parked our car. Here are a few ways to remember where you parked your car in a crowded parking lot. Before you say "Hey 24/7 Emergency Locksmith people, these are all pretty obvious suggestions" remember that you, too, have been lost in a parking lot.…Read More

  4. The Dangers Of Old Locks

    While there are many different reasons you may need a locksmith, getting locked in your home or apartment is not one that many people think of, but it could happen. Just like any other part of your home, your door knobs and locks can get old and dysfunctional. Eventually, something may go wrong in your locks, causing your door to become jammed and you to be locked inside. While the chances of the …Read More

  5. Stay Safe in Parking Lots and Parking Garages

    The holiday shopping season is supposed to be fun, but, let's be honest, it's usually a little stressful. In between remembering your shopping list and trying to figure out what you're supposed to get your father-in-law, you might not even give a second thought to staying safe when you park your car in public parking lots or garages at malls or downtown areas, or anywhere really. Here are a few wa…Read More

  6. Four Ways to De-Ice a Car Lock

    If your car lock is frozen, 24/7 Emergency Locksmith is always available to come help you out by calling (484) 891-1922. And while we recommend calling us if your car lock is frozen, as we'll be able to fix it safely and without damage, here are a few interesting ways you can de-ice a lock in a pinch. 1. Petroleum Jelly It's a bit messy, but if you dip your key in petroleum jelly and put it into t…Read More

  7. How the Cold Can Affect Your Car Locks and When to Call a Locksmith in the Lehigh Valley

    Photo courtesy of Leith NissanUnfortunately, we tend to only think about our locks when they aren't working. During day-to-day life, we use locks dozens of times per day, but it's only when they malfunction that we really truly think about them. That is even more clear when it becomes cold outside in the Lehigh Valley. Here's what is happening to your car lock in the cold The cold makes locks, doo…Read More

  8. These People Locked Their Keys in Their Car, Call 24/7 Emergency Locksmith in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton Areas For Help!

    It's never fun to lock your keys in your car, especially when you need to be somewhere, are already late, or it's Monday. We turned to Twitter to take a look at some people who are probably wishing they called 24/7 Emergency Locksmith. if you're in the Lehigh Valley area and find yourself in a similar situation, please be sure to call us at (484) 891-1922. We don't care if it's 2 in the morning, w…Read More

  9. Winter Driving Tips from AAA

    There are a lot of people who think they are great winter time drivers, and even if you count yourself as one, it's never a bad idea to brush up on your skills. Here are a few winter driving tips from AAA that can help keep you safe during the cold driving months, even if you already think you're an expert. AAA recommends the following winter driving tips: Avoid driving while you’re fatigued. Ge…Read More

  10. 8 Items To Keep In Your Car in Case You Break Down

    Photo courtesy of MVSOttawaOf course, getting locked out of your car isn't the only worry you have when you're out on the road and away from home. Breaking down, especially in inclement weather, can sometimes turn into a life or death situation. Here are some times to make sure you keep in your car in case you find yourself in a sticky situation. 1. First Aid Kit: This should probably be one of th…Read More