While being a locksmith back in the day was an important necessity, some of the biggest issues a lockout encountered were simply the metal part mechanisms of locks and keys. While those problems still exist today, the technology of ever evolving security now entails so much more.

With the introduction of modern chips, WiFi enabled locks, voice activated technology, and a variety of other security measures, assisting with your security now means more than just knowing how a lock works. We stay up to date with the latest tech to help you with a variety of modern lock issues.

So if you find yourself in a bind, even with a state of the art locking system, we’re here to help!

We can also assist in changing out the locks of your home or business to any of the various locking technologies out there. Not sure what you should use? We can help with that too! The options out there might be a little overwhelming. We can help you choose the right system that suits your needs. Just contact us, and let’s get started!