How many times have you seen someone reach up to the top of the door jamb to find a “hidden” key? Or maybe they think it’s tricky to leave it under a flower pot on the front porch?

Surely no burglar would look under a rock!

We’re having a little fun here, but it’s true that many people are careless when it comes to hiding keys on their property. If you’ve though of a place to hide a key, so has a potential burglar.

Hiding your key near or around any door of your home is simply a bad idea since it can just be a matter of time before anyone were to find it or perhaps even stumble upon it.

Don’t do it.

What you can do is leave a spare key with someone you trust, like a neighbor or relative who lives nearby. It may be inconvenient, but it’s better than leaving a key out for someone to find.

Alternatively, you can also look into keyloss locks!

Be safe out there, Lehigh Vallley