1. Thank You For Your Locksmith Reviews, Lehigh Valley!

    Every month, we take time to thank our customers who took their time to leave postive reviews for us on social media. We can't stress how helpful this is in connecting us with new customers who we can help in a lockout situation. Thank you and keep our number in your phone (484) 240-5526 for 14/7 Emergency service throughout the Lehigh Valley.…Read More

  2. Christkindlmarkt Starts Early this Year in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

    Things aren't quite normal in 2020 and that is evidence by the shake up in events throughout the year. While we may be expecting Oktoberfests popping up throughout the area around this time of year, Bethlehem's famous holiday shopping festival, Christkindlmarkt, is already open and has a new look! If you've visited Christkindlmarkt in the past, you'll notice that this year will feature an open air…Read More

  3. Night Driving in the Lehigh Valley Tips

    With sunset getting earlier and earlier during the fall and winter months, we wanted to brush off a few night driving tips to help you keep safe in the dark hours. Dim your interior lights: Having dash lights set up to 10 can be distracting. Dim those things down and focus on the road. Don't stare at bright lights: Oncoming lights can easily take your eyes off the road, especially those super brig…Read More

  4. When Will Peak Fall Foliage Be in the Lehigh Valley in 2020?

    When is peak fall foliage in Pennsylvania this year? Our friends over at PA Weather Action released this comprehensive map detailing some of the best times you can head out to see what we feel is the best place for autumn in all of the United States! It looks like the Lehigh Valley can see the best off the fall between October 18 and 14. Key below... Area A: Fall foliage is expected to peak the w…Read More

  5. Get to Know the Pagoda in Reading, PA

    Our travels take us all over the Lehigh Valley and beyond. This recent shot was one we wanted to share not only because it looks cool but also because it's fun to learn about some of the more interesting spots in the land we live in. The Pagoda in Reading, Pennslyvania was built in 1908 initially to be part of a luxury resort! Today, the Pagoda is owned by the City of Reading but is managed and pr…Read More

  6. Keep your dorm room safe

    With many students just now enjoying the beginning of summer, there is still the excitement of starting classes in a few months. Perhaps this will even be your first time away from home in your brand new dorm room! While it’s exciting to think about your new friends, decor, and independence… it’s also an important time to think about safety and security. Here are a few things you should thin…Read More

  7. Get New Car Keys in the Lehigh Valley in These Easy Steps

    Whether you’ve lost your car key, broken it, or just need a copy, it can sometimes be intimidating to go about getting a new one. You may have heard that it can be difficult or even expensive in the Lehigh Valley, which is true if you go to your auto dealership! Thankfully, getting your key replace (yes, including flip keys) is just about as easy as giving us a call at (484) 891-1922. STEP 1: LO…Read More

  8. Be Safe During Trick or Treat in the Lehigh Valley

    From Emmaus to Easton, Halloween is coming to the Lehigh Valley and trick-or-treaters will be out and about throughout the towns. Here are a few tips to stay safe! Since this time of year also coincides with earlier sunsets, it’s important to take a minute and remember to be cautious while driving this time of year. Be sure to get some reflective tape for your child’s trick-or-treat bag or cos…Read More

  9. Thank you for your September Reviews, Lehigh Valley!

    We like to take time each month to thank our customers for reviewing us on Google or other locations. We know that it takes time to leave a review and we thank you for that!  …Read More

  10. Keep Your Windshield Frost Free

    One of the joys of living in the Lehigh Valley is the chance to experience the full four seasons in all their glory. Summers are hot and carefree. Autumn is full of color. Spring is vibrant and new! And winter, well, winter is winter. You're going to have to deal with it. To help with that, we put together a few ways to keep your windshield frost free! Cover your windshield with a folded sheet or …Read More